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Suggestions, creativity and originality are paramount inside graphic design process. However, not at the sacrifice connected with function and clarity. Techquity Digital ensure that our graphic designs tend to be both impressive and productive, getting across your message and information in a concise, attractive and memorable manner and using our considerable experience plus a high attention to detail to make certain problem free files in relation to approvals and printing.

Graphic design is at the heart of everything Techquity Digital. Creating powerful branding & marketing solutions, either in print or online, enabling you to reach a much wider audience and create opportunities to grow your business.

Services Offered at Techquity Digital

Our Graphics Designing Engineering services combine diverse engineering capabilities with a conscious user-centered design approach containing following services:

  • User Centered Conceptual Design
  • Custom website design - Visual design and front-end development, Presentation and interaction design
  • Usability Engineering Review, Testing, benchmarking
  • Techquity Digital offers Web, Mobile and Rich UI widgets app development frameworks.
  • Offers simple and consistent programming interface, polished and innovative UI widgets for web.
  • Powered by JQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 framework.
  • Easily customizable themes & framework - fit the widgets to your web application, templates and much more.

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