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As a Customer Service Professional you will provide the following tasks:

  • Processing payment deferrals and installment plans
  • Review, analyze and respond to customer billing inquiries.
  • Offer eligible customers home warranty solutions.
  • Resolve customer issues or questions.
  • Processing payment deferrals.
  • Attempt to save customers who may be moving, unhappy with the plan or current rate.
  • Quickly identify customer needs in first few minutes of the call to offer the appropriate plan.
  • Accurately enroll the customer in the correct plan.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of company policies and processes.
  • Build rapport and trust with customers through clear, respectful interaction.
  • Understand and follow the “call flow” and regulations ensuring that no Public Utilities Commission Complaints are filed and no Lights Turned Out in Error situation occurs.

Equipment at a Glance

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • POTS hardwired phone line.
  • Noise canceling headset USB headset (for certification) and telephone headset (for production).
  • Dual monitors are strongly recommended and may assist in achieving client success.
  • Stable hard-wired connection (no wireless) & minimum 3.0 mbps download/minimum 1.0 mbps upload.

Company hours of operation (subject to change based on client needs):

  • 10 am – 10 pm EST
  • 365 days per year, 7 days a week

Required Certification:

  • Client certification course $79 (subject to change) lasting approximately 4 weeks.
  • Background check

Production Service Revenue: $13.50/hr