Business Tools & Resources

Business Tools & Resources

Going into a New Year (I can’t believe I am saying that already) one of your business goals is to get organized and increase your business productivity.  Well, there are many tools available to help your business. I have dropped a few of my favorites below.  Share some of the tools you use for your day to day business.  If you need help deciding the best tools for your business, make an appointment for a FREE Technology Consultation and we can chat!

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Acuity Scheduling


Business Coach VS Technology Strategist

Business Coach VS Technology Strategist

Let’s just get this out the way … I am not a business coach, I am a strategist.  A Technology Strategist to be exact.  What is the difference, I’m glad you asked my friend.

Business Coach

A business coach is someone who focuses on the professional development and soft skills of an individual. They assist you by asking questions to help you figure out your own solutions and acts more as a sounding board, someone to hold you accountable for the goals you set out for yourself and pointing you to the right resources to help you achieve your goals.

Though it’s a thin line between a business coach and a strategist, it’s a big difference.

What is a Strategist?

A strategist is someone who analyzes the end goal then formulates and implement the best solutions to achieving the goals in an effective manner using research, variables, and intuition.  They generally inspire businesses to think outside the box, find various ways to expand their business and then implement the plan to achieve it. They are normally good at getting an entire team to jump on board the moving ship by providing a solid reason that makes sense to everyone.

A strategist can simplify your business life.

How does a Technology Strategist help your business growth?

As a Technology Strategist, I help business owners and entrepreneurs by identifying and providing technical advice regarding an effective technology platform to increase your business productivity to help you work SMARTER.  I help you get from under your tech woes as we work together to create solutions for a more productive mindset. I research the best technology investments and strategies and develop a road map to help increase your exposure. That means we create various avenues to increase your profits … think of that as MONETIZING your business using technology.

Do you think you need a coach or a technology strategist?