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Who’s That Web Girl?

Hello Friends! I’m Tammy, a self-taught full-stack web developer, technology strategist and an all around geeky girl. Along with a hybrid of consultants, we can help you implement an income-generating, online Digital Marketing platform for business growth, to help you work SMARTER, increase your productivity, online presence and most important, your profits!

A previous client started calling me That Web Girl, and for years the name stuck with me. As a matter of fact you will “see” That Web Girl teaching some of the virtual courses (she’s the smarter alter-ego of Techquity Digital), so watch for her.

After leaving college early, I’ve had a very successful career being a part of digital marketing implementations for brands such as Microsoft, Kelloggs, Bridgestone, ConocoPhillips and JG Wentworth, to name a few; identifying daily business processes with cross-functional teams, developing client-specific digital solutions.  I THOUGHT I HAD IT ALL: A SIX-FIGURE SALARY, BUSINESS FLIGHTS, FANCY HOTELS…

But something didn’t feel right. Don’t get me wrong, My DREAM JOB helped put food on the table, and put me in a different tax bracket, but deep down inside I was longing for something more.

When something is not right in your spirit, when you are not feeding something that you have been born with, it will continue to nag at your soul. I would get bored, distracted, worn out with my everyday grind of 50+ hours and tired of trading my time for money. Although this was an exciting time of my career, it was finally confirmed God placed me in that position as a stepping stone for my dreams.

If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs …

I’ve always had a side-hustle, helping people with their business, events, website or marketing materials. And consequently corporate didn’t want me. What I mean is, I have literally been put out of corporate by way of a layoff, “shortage of work”, no longer fit the culture, oh and even my productivity (while I was responsible for hiring incoming consultants!!!). I finally decided to stop running from my God-given skills and talents and started using what I’d learned in the corporate world to monetize my passion. I LOVE showing people how to use effective technology and get paid for THEIR God-given skills and talents, THIS is my purpose.

My extreme passion for technology drives me to inspire, motivate and mentor underrepresented youth to encourage career paths in technology, engineering, and the arts by using project-based lessons. Through conversational talks on Entrepreneurship and Tech Innovation, I strive to inspire a new generation of leaders to gain professional development and the skills required to succeed in STEAM-related careers.